SRG have a range of Layher scaffolding solutions to overcome any requirement for levelling uneven terrain or creating a substructure.

The Layher scaffold system we utilise is extremely versatile enabling us to create platforms of any size, shape and height and suitable for supporting loads of all types and magnitude.  Once the substructure is complete we have a range of surface finishes to suit a host of uses.

From initial enquiry, we carry out a full site survey to assess both topography and suitability.  This information is then passed on to our engineers who create detailed engineering drawings and structural calculations to ensure the substructure is fit for its intended purpose.

As they are constructed from a modular system, our platforms are installed in less time with less men meaning less time on site and cost savings for our clients.


• Tent and cabin substructures
• Ice rink bases
• Viewing platforms
• Raised walkways & terraces
• Outdoor exhibition stands
• Experiential projects

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